English in London
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English in London

You'd like to learn English in London but you think it’s very difficult. You’re wrong! Mastering the English language is not so difficult as you might believe!

To learn or improve your English you just need a strong will, this depends on you, and somebody helping you: we are here for that!

To improve your ‘Communication skills’ in English you need to attend an English course. That’s why we have visited and selected some schools for you.  

Said schools have an agreement with us in order to grant you a special discount on their fares. So, you just need to fill in the form "Contact us", writing your data (Name, Surname, e-mail address, time you want to study English, if you need accommodation, etc.). We'll pass them to the schools, which will contact you. That’s all.

English + Drama with a Drama Certificate
You can also attend a very special two-weeks programme which prepares them for an English musical play (singing, dancing and acting) and at the end of the programme, your performance is assessed by an examiner. This will give you the opportunity to gain an internationally-recognised drama certificate, authorised by Trinity College London.  

Italian Ministry of Education’s 2014 PON funding scheme
The schools of English offer tuition from 60 to 80 hours ( with 15 hours of exam preparation) with accommodation and optional social programme.

Accommodation and Social activities

Of course, should you also need accommodation, the schools can arrange it, according to your wishes (English family, student house, shared flat, hotel). You can also enjoy some social activities (such as parties, visits to sites of interests or museums organised by the school).

Useful information

To get the most out of your London's experience, don't forget to read some suggestions about how to improve your 'communication skills' , useful information and visit our London page.

Enjoy yourself!