English in London
Learn English. Enjoy London


Attending an English course is what you should do to improve your English, but, of course, you need accommodation. In addition, to not feel lonely, you need to be part of a group or, anyway, enjoy some social activities.


You will need somewhere suitable to stay when you get to London and while you study here. We know that the quality and location of accommodation are two of the most important factors in determining students' overall satisfaction of their London study experience.

The schools we select can help you arrange your accommodation. There is a wide range of accommodation options to suit your requirements and budget. We strongly suggest that you live close to the school, you'll save your money and spend less time on travel. But, please, never forget that London is an extremely wide city, so that it is usually difficult to find home stay accommodation very close to the school: you will normally have to take the bus (cheaper) or the underground system or overground trains (more expensive) to get to your school.

You can choose from the following accommodation options:

Social activities

You can get lonely when living in a big city like London! To enable you to make the most of your time in London, develop your English communication skills and make friends, every month several activities are organised by the schools for their students to do in their spare time. These activities, in and out of the school, help you meet other students and make new friends, they are also a good opportunity to practise the English that you have learnt in class. In addition, they help you enjoy all of the culture and entertainment that London has to offer and explore the tourist attractions of London. The activities range from walks around London's most interesting districts, picnics in Royal Parks, guided museum visits, theatre trips and weekend excursions to other British and European destinations, such as Stonehenge, Cambridge, Oxford, Canterbury, Stratford upon Avon, Bath, Reading, Hastings, St Albans, and so on. Most of social programme activities are free, however, some require payment.